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Feb 24

Best New Free Blackberry Playbook Applications

The Blackberry Playbook tablet now offers significantly more apps with the launch of Blackberry OS 2.0. Which new apps are best? How has the new OS improved the usefulness of the Blackberry Playbook (if at all)? Continue reading ...

Feb 18

Cell Phones and Society – An Inconvenient Truth

Cell Phones and Society

I recently watched a documentary about the Amish.  One theme that came up time and time again was how the Amish decided which, if any, technologies would be permitted into their communities and how a “convenience versus community” standard was used when making such decisions.  To the Amish, family and community come first, above all else (no matter how seemingly inconvenient this may seem).  A new… Continue reading ...

Feb 05

Review – 6th Generation Apple Ipod Nano and 1st Generation Ipod Nano Recall

I got my Apple Ipod Nano (6th Generation) for free as a replacement under the 1st Generation Nano recall. I was excited to see what I would get as a replacement. I was initially thrilled when I saw a 6th generation Nano. “A 6th generation Apple Ipod Nano must be at least six times as good as the first generation model”, I thought. Continue reading ...

Nov 28

Blackberry Tablet Promotion – Tablets Still Available!

UPDATE*** The Blackberry website is now listing the 16GB Playbook as being sold out (as of Tuesday, November 29th @ 8:55pm EST)!  You can sign up for email notification when and if they become available again.  Good luck.


This is just a quick note.  Blackberry is offering $300 off its Tablet Playbooks.  Most retailers are sold out!  A friend of mine told me they looked at him… Continue reading ...

Sep 12

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer in Humans?

A recent report by the World Health Organization states that “The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Considering the ubiquitous nature of cell phones worldwide, perhaps reading the full body of the report should be of interest to many. Continue reading ...

Sep 04

Saving Money on Gas With This Free Cell Phone App

Saving money on gas is easy with this free cell phone app. This free app gives you the scoop in the best prices in your area. Saving money on gas made easy. Continue reading ...