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Sep 25

Consumed By Our Consumption

We sure buy a lot of stuff in this country.  People always seem to be rushing around buying stuff.  I actually met someone once who owned over fifty pairs of shoes.  Millions of people routinely drop $3 –  $5 daily for a single cup of morning coffee.  Malls are packed seven days a week and seem to be almost always short of parking space.  Consumer debt continues to grow as Continue reading ...

Sep 21

Save Money by Buying in Bulk

Purchasing staples like toilet paper, laundry detergent, or paper towels in bulk can save you lots of money and reduce the amount of times that you need go shopping. Buying in bulk is one of my personal favourite ways to get more with less. It also means that I almost never run out of stuff that is used regularly in our home. It is a frugal living must. Continue reading ...

Sep 16

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables And The False Value Trap

An important aspect of frugal living is an awareness of the False Value Trap.  The False Value Trap describes the false savings that you get buy buying an inferior brand of something that ends up costing you more in the long run or that is so inferior that it markedly reduces your enjoyment of the product.  Frozen vegetables are a good illustration of this trap.  Let me explain. Continue reading ...

Sep 14

Money Saving at the Grocery Store

One of the best money saving tips at the grocery store is to use a shopping list. Using a list enables the frugal shopper to get what they need and to get more for their money by helping them target key sale items. It also reduces the temptation to fill the chopping cart with impulse purchases. In short, a list works very well.

When I walk into the grocery store Continue reading ...