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Jun 14

Saving Money at Local Stores versus Big Box Stores

Shopping at local stores is often a great way to save money and to get excellent service. Big Box stores are sometimes cheaper, but sometimes they are significantly more expensive (especially for speciality stuff that is not considered ‘mainstream’). The service at Big Box stores is also notoriously bad. Shopping at the local store can mean saving money, geting better service, and supporting people that often live in your very own neighbourhood. READ MORE … Continue reading ...

Apr 23

Air Miles Program – First Corporate Response

The Air Miles Program

Seemingly an automated (and annoyingly redundant generic response – chattering about how much they care, etc. etc. ) from Air Miles.  Received this a couple of minutes after my initial email.  Not surprised about the automated stuff.  Air Miles is losing touch with its customers in a very… Continue reading ...

Apr 23

Open Letter to Air Miles and Suggestions for Changes

I have been a long term member of Air Miles and have some serious concerns about what Air Miles is morphing into. Good on the Americans who rejected it years ago. Continue reading ...

Jan 09

REVIEW Air Miles Rewards Program – Getting too Greedy

Air Miles has really taken a turn for the worse.  This rewards program may be about to face a serious backlash from long-term members (such as myself).   In addition to arbitrarily removing sponsors and increasing point “costs” on a regular basis, Air Miles points now have an expiry date (read more details here)

How it works

Air Miles is a customer loyalty reward program.  You shop at affiliated sponsors and you… Continue reading ...

Oct 03

Update – Free Amazon $25.00 Gift Certificate

The froogalism.com promotion for a free $25.00 gift certificate for Amazon brought many referrals from many different sources.  Savingadvice.com brought four new referrals, Degree3.com brought in three, Backlinkwatch.com brought in two.

As such, there is no winner yet.   The first to have five new referrals will receive one entry.  Each referral above five will receive one additional entry.  Our next draw will take place November 1st, 2011.  Remember to… Continue reading ...

Sep 03

Free $25.00 Amazon Gift Card from froogalism.com

Win a free $25.00 gift card from Amazon (and a free backlink as well).  Froogalism.com is offering the chance to win a free $25.00 Gift Card from Amazon to all of its readers from the US and Canada.  Here’s how:

Link Your Site to froogalism.com

In order to be entered into the free $25.00 gift card from Amazon drawing all you need to do is add a new link from… Continue reading ...