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Jan 20

Target Canada Closing or How to Fail In Canadian Retail

Empty Shelves at Target Canada

After less than two short years and billions of dollars spent, Target is calling it quits in Canada. How could a former Canadian cross-border shopper darling like Target have gone so wrong so quickly? Continue reading ...

Sep 05

Good Quality Shoes vs. Cheap, Crummy Quality Shoes

The ASICS GT-2170 - A Good Running Shoe

I won’t buy crummy quality shoes. Sure, you may think those flimsy shoes are a bargain at $12.99, but I can assure you that you are wrong. You are being drawn towards the “False Value Trap” and I advise you to run away in whatever shoes you are wearing and to not look back. Don’t let the price sticker blind you to the reality that crummy shoes are something you should never buy (especially if you are a frugal minded shoe shopper). Continue reading ...

Aug 31

Packaging – Don’t Let It Trick You Into Paying More Than You Need To

PAM Packaging

Packaging is one tool that manufacturers can use to entice people to pay a lot for very cheap things. Think the classic pet rock. Get rock -> put rock in fancy box -> charge people $20.00 -> laugh all the way to the bank. The truth is, there are ‘pet rocks’ everywhere; products made of cheap ingredients that are repackaged and sold for huge mark ups. Frugal shoppers can put their money to better use by being informed. Continue reading ...

Aug 18

Best Times To Buy Stuff On Sale Throughout The Year

Best Time To Buy Stuff On Sale

Sales on many items follow a regular and consistent yearly pattern. Saving money is easy when you understand these patterns and use them to determine the best times to buy things on sale. Continue reading ...

Aug 16

Private Label Shopping Saves You Big Money on These Products

Private Label Shopping Saves You Money

Private label products are products made by one company to be sold by another company, often at a lower cost than similar brand name products. As such, shopping for private label products can often give you a very good product at a very good discounted price. Continue reading ...

Jul 23

What Ever Happened to Good Customer Service?

Bad CUstomer Service

Good customer service is becoming harder to come by. Further, the whole perception of what ‘good’ customer service means in the first place has been in steady decline. What has happened? Continue reading ...