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Aug 16

Private Label Shopping Saves You Big Money on These Products

Private Label Shopping Saves You Money

Private label products are products made by one company to be sold by another company, often at a lower cost than similar brand name products. As such, shopping for private label products can often give you a very good product at a very good discounted price. Continue reading ...

Aug 02

Best Credit Cards Comparison Is Easy And Fast

Comparing the best credit cards is surprisingly fast and easy. Use this free tool to help find the best credit cards for you. Continue reading ...

Jul 28

Subway Sub Of The Day and Nutrition Information

Subway Sub Of The Day deals and nutrition information can both be found here. All you need to know about the Sub Of The Day in one place. Continue reading ...

Jul 26

What’s the Point of Saving Money?

What’s the point of saving money? The whole point of getting more for less, from a froogalist perspective, is so that you have more for the things that matter to you. Continue reading ...

Jun 28

The Best Drinking Water is (almost) Free

I am rather fascinated by the love many have for bottled drinking water. Apparently we drink about 200 billion bottles of drinking water annually worldwide, and this number is growing at a strong rate each and every year. Research, however, underscores the utter wastefulness of this practice. Drinking bottled water just does not make sense for a number of reasons. Continue reading ...

Jun 14

Saving Money at Local Stores versus Big Box Stores

Shopping at local stores is often a great way to save money and to get excellent service. Big Box stores are sometimes cheaper, but sometimes they are significantly more expensive (especially for speciality stuff that is not considered ‘mainstream’). The service at Big Box stores is also notoriously bad. Shopping at the local store can mean saving money, geting better service, and supporting people that often live in your very own neighbourhood. READ MORE … Continue reading ...