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Jul 03

UPDATE: Kitchen-Aid Customer Service – Excellent!

Well, Kitchen-Aid has really outdone themselves with their excellent, old-school customer service. I am actually willing to pay more to buy their products as a result of my experience. Continue reading ...

May 25

REVIEW Best Garden Book

What is the best garden book? If you could only own one garden book, which would be the best?   Here is one suggestion.

Owning only one garden book fits beautifully with froogalism ideology. Why buy and make space for seven books, when one book will do the job? With this being said, I am the first to admit that I am a wholly amateur gardener. An expert gardener may… Continue reading ...

May 19

The Problem With Yahoo! and Ideas for Improvement

Yahoo seems to be losing more and more market share each year. It no longer seems to be the internet leader that it once was. Yahoo! has a problem. As a long time user of Yahoo!, I have noticed a few changes that could be driving some customers away, and I also have a couple of ideas that could help them to make their user experience a more positive one. Continue reading ...

May 14

Best Web Hosting Service

Which web hosting service should you choose? There is one that stands out to me as a Best Buy for service, speed, features, and price. Read on. Continue reading ...

May 05

REVIEW Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

Water quality is a key concern around the world. The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be the best water filter pitcher out there. Here’s why I think so: Continue reading ...

Apr 23

Air Miles Program – First Corporate Response

The Air Miles Program

Seemingly an automated (and annoyingly redundant generic response – chattering about how much they care, etc. etc. ) from Air Miles.  Received this a couple of minutes after my initial email.  Not surprised about the automated stuff.  Air Miles is losing touch with its customers in a very… Continue reading ...