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Oct 01

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These items are always on sale in October.  Wait to buy these popular items in October and you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Continue reading ...

Aug 31

Packaging – Don’t Let It Trick You Into Paying More Than You Need To

Arm & Hammer Packaging

Packaging is one tool that manufacturers can use to entice people to pay a lot for very cheap things. Think the classic pet rock. Get rock -> put rock in fancy box -> charge people $20.00 -> laugh all the way to the bank. The truth is, there are ‘pet rocks’ everywhere; products made of cheap ingredients that are repackaged and sold for huge mark ups. Frugal shoppers can put their money to better use by being informed. Continue reading ...

Jul 03

UPDATE: Kitchen-Aid Customer Service – Excellent!

Well, Kitchen-Aid has really outdone themselves with their excellent, old-school customer service. I am actually willing to pay more to buy their products as a result of my experience. Continue reading ...

May 05

REVIEW Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

Water quality is a key concern around the world. The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be the best water filter pitcher out there. Here’s why I think so: Continue reading ...

Mar 19

Kitchen Can Opener – Battle of the Best … Kitchen-Aid vs. Farber

I am frustrated – can openers should work (always). They are pretty simple really; just a handle with a cutting blade and a gear wheel. The technology to open cans with a can opener has been with us for over 150 years. It is something humans should have mastered by now. Continue reading ...

Feb 29

REVIEW The Magic Bullet

My blender recently died and it was replaced with The Magic Bullet (Single Shot Version). The Magic Bullet has some things going for it, but a few irritations and limitations as well. Continue reading ...

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