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Aug 11

GoDaddy Domain Registration Review – Is GoDaddy Any Good?

GoDaddy Domain Registration

GoDaddy Domain Registration Review

GoDaddy Domain Registration

GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy is a company that offers internet domain registrations and web hosting services.  It is one of the biggest and best known web services companies out there.  Godaddy is big, but is it a good domain registration company?  Let’s take a look at the basic features, the extras, ease of… Continue reading ...

May 19

The Problem With Yahoo! and Ideas for Improvement

Yahoo seems to be losing more and more market share each year. It no longer seems to be the internet leader that it once was. Yahoo! has a problem. As a long time user of Yahoo!, I have noticed a few changes that could be driving some customers away, and I also have a couple of ideas that could help them to make their user experience a more positive one. Continue reading ...

May 14

Best Web Hosting Service

Which web hosting service should you choose? There is one that stands out to me as a Best Buy for service, speed, features, and price. Read on. Continue reading ...

Apr 07

Pinterest.Com – The Fastest Growing Social Media Site on the Web

I have recently joined Pinterest.com. It is the fastest growing social media site on the web. Continue reading ...

Feb 25

Best New Free Blackberry Playbook Apps REVIEW: Score Mobile

Do you want to track all of the newest sports scores in real time, read previews of upcoming games and boxscores, access betting odds, check team standings, and read all of the latest statistics on your favourite players? I downloaded Score Mobile yesterday, and it’s quite impressive. It is a new Blackberry application made available since the OS 2.0 update for the Playbook. Continue reading ...

Feb 24

Best New Free Blackberry Playbook Applications

The Blackberry Playbook tablet now offers significantly more apps with the launch of Blackberry OS 2.0. Which new apps are best? How has the new OS improved the usefulness of the Blackberry Playbook (if at all)? Continue reading ...