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Mar 30

Best Low Light House Plants

Which house plants are easy to grow and do best in low light conditions? House plants are a terrific addition to any home. They add life and interest to living spaces, many are low maintenance, and they help to clean your indoor air. The effort to green your home, however, can be a bit more challenging when you have low light conditions. Continue reading ...

Mar 24

REVIEW The House Plant Expert

The House Plant Expert(by Dr. D.G. Hessayon) is an excellent beginner book about house plants.  I highly recommend it as an excellent value and a worthy addition to any home library.

REVIEW: The House Plant Expert

I enjoy house plants very much, but live in a home with low… Continue reading ...

Sep 03

Saving Money on Kitchen Remodeling

Saving money on kitchen remodeling is relatively easy. The key here is to try and tackle some of the project yourself. The attached article shares some of the ways that kitchen remodeling can be done both relatively easily and inexpensively. Continue reading ...

Aug 12

UPDATE: Free Beach Towel From General Mills

My Free Beach Towel from General Mills has arrived. Here are my thoughts about this free offer and the free towel. Continue reading ...

Aug 01

REVIEW UPDATE Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ Zellers

It is with regret that I have to revise my previous rating for the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ downwards based upon my continued use of this product. I have a rather serious concern – namely that the top heating rack (a feature that I previously liked on the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ) quite frequently falls down when I open the lid. This rack swivels on two holes cut into the lid. Unfortunately, the rack keeps falling out of these holes. As such, I can no longer rate this product as a good buy (three stars). Continue reading ...

Jul 28

The Smallest and The Largest Homes in the World

The smallest house in the world might very well be this one at a mere 83 sq. ft. I am an advocate of voluntary simplicity (keeping things simple by choice), but I do not live in a house this small (nor do I think that I would want to). Take a look for yourself. Continue reading ...