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May 17

City Budgets, City Contractors, Waste, and Frugality

When it come’s to cities, why are ‘problematic’ contractors allowed to bid on new construction projects? Is the ‘lowest bid’ the ‘best’ bid when delays and problematic workmanship come with the ‘lower’ price. Continue┬áreading ...

Nov 30

Government Deficits and Debt (at all levels around the world)

The day of reckoning has finally come. The madness must end. Ever since around the 80’s, virtually all levels of government in many parts of the world (most noticeably in the ‘have’ nations) have been spending with reckless abandon. This problem is most apparent in the rich countries. A tide of liberalism has brought with it a sense of entitlement among the electorate that is all too easily enticing to lame-duck politicians. Continue┬áreading ...

Sep 10

Government Deficits, Debt, Bankruptcy and You!

Governments around the world are facing spiraling deficits and growing debt – even bankruptcy. We are facing a global fiscal crisis that threatens our way of life. What does this mean to you? Continue┬áreading ...