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Dec 03

Kraft Cheese Slices and the False Value Trap

Kraft Cheese Slices

Sometimes buying no-name or generic products just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes the quality of the brand name product is just way too much better. Kraft Cheese slices are just on example. Continue reading ...

Nov 25

Best Buy Generic or House Brands of Common Household Products

Buying generic or house brands are a “Win-Win” in many situations. These are the “no name” or [insert store name] brands of products that normally sit right beside major brand name products. You win by saving money, the retailer wins by making more money at the same time. Here are some products the you should always buy generic versions of if you want to save money Continue reading ...

Sep 01

No Frills Price Match Guarantee (and Price Chopper and Fresh Co.)

No Frills offers a price match guarantee as do Price Chopper and Fresh Co. Price match guarantees are a great way to save money and a wonderful opportunity to do one-stop shopping (thereby saving gas and time). Continue reading ...

Aug 09

REVIEW McDonald’s Burgers – Calories and Other Stuff that Matters

I grew up eating McDonald’s burgers. As a teenager, I didn’t care one whit about calories, fat, sodium, or other stuff. As a forty year-old adult, I do care about this stuff. I have decided it is time to take a close look at McDonald’s combos and what they contain. You might be surprised. Continue reading ...

Aug 02

FREE Kellogg’s Cereal Vintage T-Shirt Promotion

Get a vintage Kellogg’s cereal T-Shirt for free. Choose between Toucan Sam (Froot Loops), Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes), or that weird Kellogg’s cereal peacock thing. Here’s how … Continue reading ...

Aug 01

REVIEW UPDATE Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ Zellers

It is with regret that I have to revise my previous rating for the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ downwards based upon my continued use of this product. I have a rather serious concern – namely that the top heating rack (a feature that I previously liked on the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ) quite frequently falls down when I open the lid. This rack swivels on two holes cut into the lid. Unfortunately, the rack keeps falling out of these holes. As such, I can no longer rate this product as a good buy (three stars). Continue reading ...

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