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Aug 09

McDonald’s Burgers – Calories and Other Stuff that Matters

The McDonald's Angus Bacon and Cheese Combo

I grew up eating McDonald’s burgers. As a teenager, I didn’t care one whit about calories, fat, sodium, or other stuff. As a forty year-old adult, I do care about this stuff. I have decided it is time to take a close look at McDonald’s combos and what they contain. You might be surprised. Continue reading ...

Aug 01

UPDATE: Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ Zellers

It is with regret that I have to revise my previous rating for the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ downwards based upon my continued use of this product. I have a rather serious concern – namely that the top heating rack (a feature that I previously liked on the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ) quite frequently falls down when I open the lid. This rack swivels on two holes cut into the lid. Unfortunately, the rack keeps falling out of these holes. As such, I can no longer rate this product as a good buy (three stars). Continue reading ...

Jul 23

Gum and Gum Chewing – I Just Don’t Get It

I Don't Get Gum Chewing

Why do people buy and chew gum? I just don’t get it.  Wrigleys, Excel, Extra, Dentyne, Black Bart, it doesn’t matter what brand; I still don’t get the gum and gum chewing idea.

I remember a time when I did get it.  It was from about the ages of eleven through thirteen.  I used to love chewing gum.  I especially loved Dubble Bubble, Big Red, and Black Bart … Continue reading ...

Jul 22

REVIEW: Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ Zellers

The Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ

I bought the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ at Zellers two weeks ago. I do not like it very much. It simply does not meet my froogalism standard of saving money and getting more with less.

Here is what I do like about it … Continue reading ...

Jul 10

Buy Gas at Cheap Prices and Get a Free Groceries Coupon

This is a frugal living favourite of mine.  Not only will you get about the best price in the city for gas at any given time, but you will also get a 2 cent per liter coupon that can be used to buy groceries at a large number of stores.  Already cheap gas combined with this added bonus make this a must for any frugal minded shopper.  It is a Continue reading ...

Oct 23

Going Bananas

A warm and heartfelt welcome to any new frugal chimpanzees (and humans) to visit our site based upon this enticing title.  Read on.

Bananas are delicious and they’re good for you.  They’re loaded with lots of good stuff.  The problem is this – when you buy a slightly unripe bunch to give yourself a lead day or two before you start enjoying them, they all seem to ripen at Continue reading ...

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