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Jun 28

The Best Drinking Water is (almost) Free

I am rather fascinated by the love many have for bottled drinking water. Apparently we drink about 200 billion bottles of drinking water annually worldwide, and this number is growing at a strong rate each and every year. Research, however, underscores the utter wastefulness of this practice. Drinking bottled water just does not make sense for a number of reasons. Continue reading ...

Jun 01

Best Stuff You Can Always Buy On Sale

Always buy this stuff on sale. This stuff is always seems to be on a six- to eight-week rotation of being in sale. It is also easy to store and has a long shelf life.  A froogalism idea worth acting upon.

I peruse my weekly flyers religiously. I look for the best prices on items and stock up on them if it makes sense to do so. After years of… Continue reading ...

May 05

REVIEW Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

Water quality is a key concern around the world. The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be the best water filter pitcher out there. Here’s why I think so: Continue reading ...

Apr 16

Food – Saving Money (easily) on the Basics

I love food and saving money. Bread is a staple food in my household; whether it be bagels, English muffins, or a loaf of rye, whole grain, whole wheat bread, or a delicious baguette; it is a staple food in many people’s diets. How can one save money on this food staple? Quite easily, really. Continue reading ...

Feb 29

REVIEW The Magic Bullet

My blender recently died and it was replaced with The Magic Bullet (Single Shot Version). The Magic Bullet has some things going for it, but a few irritations and limitations as well. Continue reading ...

Feb 15

REVIEW Non-Stick Cookware and Your Health

There seems to be growing evidence that non-stick cookware may not be good for you and your children. One chemical used to make non-stick cookware, perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts (PFOA), has been determined a ‘likely carcinogen’ – that is, it is likely to cause cancer. Other research shows that it may also raise bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) levels in children. Continue reading ...