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Apr 01

POLL: Which Media Streaming Service is the Best?

Media Streaming Service

Which media streaming service is the best? Netflix? Hulu Plus? Amazon Instant Video? Something else? Join our poll and have your say. Continue reading ...

Mar 22

Best Outdoor Games for Kids

Here are some great outdoor games for kids that are loads of fun. Playing games outdoors is a great way for children to have fun with their friends and to gets lots of exercise. These fun outdoor games are also simple and require little or no equipment or set up. Continue reading ...

Feb 03

7 Things to Buy on Sale in February

Stuff on Sale in February

Here are seven things that you can buy on sale in February. There is a seasonality to prices for most items. Save money by understanding these patterns. Continue reading ...

Jan 24

Top 4 Funniest Classic Movie Scenes of All Time

The Funniest Movie Clips Ever

Here are the funniest laugh-out-loud classic movie scenes ever put on film. Featuring the likes of Gene Wilder, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, these clips are the best of the best. Continue reading ...

Apr 25

Frog Sitting on a Bench Just Like a Human – Commentary

I don’t normally comment on stuff like this, but the fact that this is so trivial blows my froogal mind. So let’s see, we have 40,000 children dying each and every day from diarrhea (a totally preventable disease with access to clean drinking water), and world governments around the world facing major debt crises; yet a frog sitting on a bench gets over one million hits in two days. Continue reading ...

Apr 11

The Best Things in Life are Free (and often Very Small)

Some of the best free things in life can be represented by the images of really small things. Continue reading ...

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