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Feb 03

7 Things to Buy on Sale in February

Stuff on Sale in February

Here are seven things that you can buy on sale in February. There is a seasonality to prices for most items. Save money by understanding these patterns. Continue reading ...

Sep 08

The Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera – Is It A Best Buy?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera

Review of the Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera. We put the Canon Rebel T3 to the test at froogalism.com. Is it a Best Buy? Is it the right camera for you? Read this review and find out. Continue reading ...

Jul 14

REVIEW BH Photo Online Retailer Canada

BH Photo and Video is a photo and video equipment store.  Looking for a retailer online for photo and video equipment?  Looking to save money and get more for less?  Looking for great customer service and speedy delivery?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well … Continue reading ...

Jul 13

Saving Money On The Big Screen TV

Here is a way of saving money and getting more with less if you are considering buying a big screen TV.

I have found a way to get excellent picture quality on a huge screen for much less than you would expect to pay.  My screen size is a whopping 90 inches!  LCD TVs in the 65 inch range run around $2500 – $3000.  How much did I pay Continue reading ...

Jul 04

REVIEW: The best basic camcorder value out there? Panasonic HDC-SD40

Panasonic HDC-SD40

I love this camcorder! I bought it with the sole purpose of filming my ten month daughter (her first teeth, first steps, first time she says “I love you, Daddy!”) etc, in High-Definition (HD). I am not a professional camcorderist, just a dad who wants some HD video of his daughter growing up.

Here is what I love about it: Continue reading ...

Sep 19

Batteries – Get More With Less

I seem to go through a lot of batteries since my baby was born (even sizes like C and D which I had practically forgotten even existed since I got rid of my boom box and gave up break dancing in the eighties).  These are some of the new baby appliances that use batteries: white noise machine (3 AAs), vibrate mode on swing (1 D size battery), swing and music Continue reading ...