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Feb 24

Best New Free Blackberry Playbook Applications

The Blackberry Playbook tablet now offers significantly more apps with the launch of Blackberry OS 2.0. Which new apps are best? How has the new OS improved the usefulness of the Blackberry Playbook (if at all)? Continue reading ...

Aug 06

REVIEW Seagate Free Agent Go Portable Drive

The Seagate Free Agent Go Portable Drive is an excellent product. Portable storage is a must for anyone who has MP3s, movies, files, or pictures that they want to take with them or want to back up. The Seagate Free Agent Go Portable Drive is a great choice. Here’s why … Continue reading ...

Jul 31

Saving Energy (and Money) one Web Search at a Time

Millions upon million of web searches happen around the world each and every day. Each and every web search takes a little bit of energy to perform and to display on your screen. Here is a simple way to save energy and money one web search at a time. Let me introduce you to blackle.com! Continue reading ...

Jul 14

REVIEW Rogers Internet Security

Rogers Online Protection

Online internet security is important.  Many internet service providers offer free online internet security services.  Rogers internet security, for example, includes things like free anti-virus protection, a firewall, and anti-spyware.   Does this service offer the protection that you need?  Are you saving money by using a free service?

In our first (of, I hope, many more to come) user submitted review, Rick details his experience while using this service.  Continue reading ...

Aug 24

The Public Library

Ahhh … the public library … sweet music to the ears of the devoted froogalist!  Quite possibly one of the best frugal inventions of all time.

The Great Library of Alexandria was founded about 300bc.  I am not sure if the ancient Egyptians knew how their brilliant idea would so profoundly affect world, but I’m glad that they went ahead and did it anyway.  Today, the public library Continue reading ...