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Sep 01

What Is Frugal Living?

I find it awkward when someone shows me their new ‘whatever it is’ when I am still happy with my old ‘whatever it is’. I always end up with just saying something like “That’s really something,” or “It looks like you really enjoy your new [insert new product name here].” I am mostly just being polite though (except with the really cool stuff that I really would like to have) Continue reading ...

Aug 28

Bald is Beautiful (and frugal)

Have you ever wondered why men without a lot of hair are always smiling and looking so great and that they always seem to have lots of money?   It is for the same reason that Yul Brynner (especially in The Magnificent Seven and also Westworld) looked so so darn cool; the answer, my friend, is baldness! Continue reading ...

Aug 27

Loose Change

My first child is due any day now.  I am a Daddy-To-Be!  I am very excited and a bit nervous, as I guess most people normally are when something (or someone) new is on the horizon.  There are so many new things about this experience: a new person coming into the world, a new person to laugh and play with, a new person living in the home, new sleeping (or Continue reading ...