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Sep 29

5 Fees Worth Paying

Some Fees Are Worth Paying

Some fees are a not worth paying because they do not offer much value. Other fees are worth paying because they give you a good bang for your buck. Here are five fess that you can feel good about paying from your frugal wallet … Continue reading ...

Sep 24

New Business Ideas for the Frugal Entrepreneur

Frugal Entrepreneur

Frugal entrepreneurs look for ideas that can make the lives of people easier and more enjoyable and make them money at the same time. Continue reading ...

Sep 15

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Frugal People

Six Habits of Highly Effective Frugal People

Highly effective frugal people have one thing in mind — making the most out of what they have so they can have more of what they love. Their habits develop around this core pleasure principle. Here are six habits of highly effective frugal people that can help you get more of what’s really important to you. Continue reading ...

Aug 25

Top 5 Best Inventions that Make Life Easier

Top 5 Best Inventions That Make Life Easier

The best inventions meet a need most effectively. The very best inventions make our lives easier and give us more time to enjoy other things or work at other stuff. Doing things better so that we have more left over for the stuff we really value is a key frugal living principle. Here are the Top 5 Best Inventions that make our lives easier. Continue reading ...

Aug 22

Frugal Living Is Not The Same As Being Cheap

Frugal Living

Frugal living is often misunderstood. Many people confuse being frugal with being cheap. Let’s try to clarify this once and for all. Continue reading ...

Jul 23

What Ever Happened to Good Customer Service?

Bad CUstomer Service

Good customer service is becoming harder to come by. Further, the whole perception of what ‘good’ customer service means in the first place has been in steady decline. What has happened? Continue reading ...