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Mar 29

Target Canada’s Last Days in Pictures

Target Canada Closing

Target Canada will soon be closing its flagship Canadian store in the east end of Toronto. I dropped by today to take a look for myself and it was creepy. Continue reading ...

Mar 16

112 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Use Today

112 Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness can really brighten someone’s day. Not only do they make people happy, they make you happy, and they make people want to make other people feel happy. Here are some simple and easy ideas for random acts of kindness you can do today. Continue reading ...

Mar 07

The Essential Guide to Happiness and Money for Teens

If you are a teenager, you have the opportunity to make happiness and financial security key aspects of your life. There is a way to make the most of what you have so that you can have more more of what you love. The steps are very simple and don’t cost a thing. Here are nine money tips that can help you: Continue reading ...

Feb 16

7 Unbelievably Expensive and Useless Items on Amazon

Ridiculously Expensive Items On Amazon

There are some ridiculously expensive and useless items available on Amazon. The details of these unbelievable items are highly entertaining. Continue reading ...

Jan 20

Target Canada Closing or How to Fail In Canadian Retail

Empty Shelves at Target Canada

After less than two short years and billions of dollars spent, Target is calling it quits in Canada. How could a former Canadian cross-border shopper darling like Target have gone so wrong so quickly? Continue reading ...

Jan 15

Top 6 Frugal Living Posts at Froogalism.com (so far)

Here are my Top Five favourite posts at froogalism.com. I discuss everything from frugal living, to entrepreneurship, to being frugal versus being cheap, to education, and even to baldness. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading ...