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Aug 28

Top 5 Kids Toys that Are Fun, Unbreakable, and Don’t Need Batteries

Top 5 Kids Toys that are Fun, Unbreakable, and Which Don't need Batteries

Find out the Top 5 Kids Toys that are sure to deliver fun, durability, low-maintenance, and excellent value for your money. Continue reading ...

Jun 07

REVIEW Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus

Review of the Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus. Is it a Best Buy? Read my full review to find out what I like and DO NOT like about the Step 2 Wagon. Continue reading ...

Apr 11

Best Preschool Books – Dr. Seuss – Hop on Pop

Reading is fun. Teaching reading skills to a preschooler is also fun – especially with Dr. Seuss.  Hop on Pop is a terrific teacher-recommended learning tool by Dr. Seuss.   As the proud and engaged father of a two-and-a-half year old, I have noticed that certain books really appeal to my daughter.  I should also note that I am also a teacher and that reading is a core of each and every… Continue reading ...

Jul 06

10 Important Things Daughters Need To Hear From Their Dads

Here is my top ten list of things all dads should tell their daughters. Of course, this top ten list is a work-in-progress and I always reserve the right to change it as circumstances change. Right now, though, these are the things that I think are most important to tell my daughter. Continue reading ...

Jun 12

How Frugal Living Benefits Children

Benefits of Raising Children Frugally

Children are happy and learn many important things while being raised in a frugal family. There are some key reasons why being raised in a frugal family will help your children to be happy and to grow up to be happy adults.

Why Children are Happy in a Frugal Family Continue reading ...

Mar 28

Best Children’s Music – Raffi is the Best!

Raffi is the best-selling children’s musician ever.  He has sold a LOT of records, and his influence is worldwide.  There are a few important reasons why he is so popular and why he should be a part of the CD or MP3 music collection for your children.

Raffi – Singable Songs for the Very… Continue reading ...