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Aug 03

REVIEW Best Baby Toys by Mattel (Fisher-Price)

Mattel makes a lot of toys (Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher Price stuff, just to mention a few). Which Mattel baby toys are the best? Which ones should you buy, which ones should you not buy? Here is my first Mattel baby toy review based upon my own personal experience raising an (almost eleven-month old) daughter Continue reading ...

Jul 29

REVIEW Guzzie&Guss (GUGU) 102 Universal Car Seat Adaptor

The Guzzie&Guss (GUGU) 102 Universal Car Seat Adaptor makes this magnificent stroller (the GUGU 102) even better. This optional accessory allows you keep your baby in their car seat and move them directly into the GUGU 102 Stroller frame. This is a wonderful and highly-convenient option. Continue reading ...

Jul 27

REVIEW Frog and Toad Are Still Friends? Amazing! Read About it Here

In what can only be described as the longest amphibian friendship in world history, Frog and Toad are still Friends (at least I’d like to think so).  Frog and Toad are the two main characters of a small series of outstanding children’s books written by Arnold Lobel back in the seventies. Continue reading ...

Jul 24

REVIEW The First Years Everywhere Safety Gate (A Very Good, but not Excellent product)

My daughter is at the “crawling everywhere” stage now (she’s ten months old).  A baby gate is a must have for all parents with children this age.  We got The First Years Everywhere Safety Gate as a gift from our birth registry at Babies R Us.  We added it to our registry because we thought it looked like a good buy.  Now that I’ve actually had a chance to use Continue reading ...

Jul 22

REVIEW UPDATE Guzzie+Guss (GUGU) 102 Full-Sized Baby Stroller

My initial review of the Guzzie+Gus (GUGU) 102 Full-Sized Baby Stroller has proven to be the most popular posting in froogalism.com history (a bit more on that later).  There are actually even a couple more reasons that I forgot to mention why the GUGU 102 such a great stroller that I forgot to mention in my initial review.  Here they are: Continue reading ...

Jul 20

REVIEW IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

The IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

Saving money when you have a child should always come second to safety. Does the IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib fit the bill? Any item only qualifies as a frugal buy if it gives you more for less. With this in mind, I needed to buy a crib for my daughter. As a frugal minded shopper, I wanted firstly, to find the best quality crib that I could afford, and secondly Continue reading ...