Fix a Clogged Drain

I noticed that clog in my bathroom sink a few weeks ago. It was bad, but it wasn’t so bad that I felt like going to the trouble of fixing it. It just took a while longer for the water to drain down, that’s all. Today was the day that that small problem became unbearable. The water sat there for what seemed like hours. Continue reading ...

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Washing Windows

I dislike washing windows. Even though I have ‘easy clean’ windows, it’s never easy for me to find the motivation to do them. They sure make a terrific difference once they’re done, however.

Here is a classic froogalist window washing fluid recipe that will save you big bucks and (in my opinion) do a better job at eliminating streaks than name brands Continue reading ...

Our first post at froogalism

Welcome to froogalism!

Yes, this post is a long one, but it is our first. Please read it (and post a comment if you’d like) and come back soon to enjoy much shorter posts.

This site is devoted to the art of making the most of what you have.  Maybe it’s a bit pretentious for me to call this an art form, but it is something that each Continue reading ...