Loose Change

My first child is due any day now.  I am a Daddy-To-Be!  I am very excited and a bit nervous, as I guess most people normally are when something (or someone) new is on the horizon.  There are so many new things about this experience: a new person coming into the world, a new person to laugh and play with, a new person living in the home, new sleeping (or Continue reading ...

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3 Good Reasons to Play the Ukulele

The ukulele is a terrific instrument for many different reasons.  It is a frugal instrument extraordinaire. Find out why. Continue reading ...

Swiffer Dusting Cloth Alternative

The Swiffer broom is a pretty clever invention. Its swivel head allows you to use it in tough-to-reach-places like ceilings, walls, under furniture, your itchy back, etc. A disposable Swiffer dusting cloth fits on the mop head. The only problem with these replacement cloths is that they are expensive.

Looking for a frugal alternative? Continue reading ...

The Public Library

Ahhh … the public library … sweet music to the ears of the devoted froogalist!  Quite possibly one of the best frugal inventions of all time.

The Great Library of Alexandria was founded about 300bc.  I am not sure if the ancient Egyptians knew how their brilliant idea would so profoundly affect world, but I’m glad that they went ahead and did it anyway.  Today, the public library Continue reading ...

Dietary Fiber Supplements

I try to supplement my dietary fiber each day.  It makes me feel like I’m being good to my body.  Dietary fiber supplement manufacturers like Metamucil (owned by Proctor & Gamble) point out a variety of health benefits including promoting digestive health (keeping your bowels healthy and working regularly)  as well as lowering cholesterol and improving blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.  The benefits of Continue reading ...

REVIEW EZ Way Reusable Coffee Maker

The EZ Way coffee maker is good choice for the frugal coffee lover. I have used the EZ Way coffee maker for about five years now and I like it for a couple of important reasons: Continue reading ...