Aug 24

The Public Library

Ahhh … the public library … sweet music to the ears of the devoted froogalist!  Quite possibly one of the best frugal inventions of all time.

The Great Library of Alexandria was founded about 300bc.  I am not sure if the ancient Egyptians knew how their brilliant idea would so profoundly affect world, but I’m glad that they went ahead and did it anyway.  Today, the public library Continue reading ...

Aug 22

Dietary Fiber Supplements

I try to supplement my dietary fiber each day.  It makes me feel like I’m being good to my body.  Dietary fiber supplement manufacturers like Metamucil (owned by Proctor & Gamble) point out a variety of health benefits including promoting digestive health (keeping your bowels healthy and working regularly)  as well as lowering cholesterol and improving blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.  The benefits of Continue reading ...

Aug 21

REVIEW EZ Way Reusable Coffee Maker

The EZ Way coffee maker is good choice for the frugal coffee lover. I have used the EZ Way coffee maker for about five years now and I like it for a couple of important reasons: Continue reading ...

Aug 20

Fix a Clogged Drain

I noticed that clog in my bathroom sink a few weeks ago. It was bad, but it wasn’t so bad that I felt like going to the trouble of fixing it. It just took a while longer for the water to drain down, that’s all. Today was the day that that small problem became unbearable. The water sat there for what seemed like hours. Continue reading ...

Aug 20

Washing Windows

I dislike washing windows. Even though I have ‘easy clean’ windows, it’s never easy for me to find the motivation to do them. They sure make a terrific difference once they’re done, however.

Here is a classic froogalist window washing fluid recipe that will save you big bucks and (in my opinion) do a better job at eliminating streaks than name brands Continue reading ...

Aug 19

Our first post at froogalism

Welcome to froogalism!

Yes, this post is a long one, but it is our first. Please read it (and post a comment if you’d like) and come back soon to enjoy much shorter posts.

This site is devoted to the art of making the most of what you have.  Maybe it’s a bit pretentious for me to call this an art form, but it is something that each Continue reading ...