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7 Things to Buy on Sale in February

Stuff on Sale in February

Here are seven things that you can buy on sale in February. There is a seasonality to prices for most items. Save money by understanding these patterns. Continue reading ...

Blackberry Tablet Promotion – Tablets Still Available!

UPDATE*** The Blackberry website is now listing the 16GB Playbook as being sold out (as of Tuesday, November 29th @ 8:55pm EST)!  You can sign up for email notification when and if they become available again.  Good luck.


This is just a quick note.  Blackberry is offering $300 off its Tablet Playbooks.  Most retailers are sold out!  A friend of mine told me they looked at him… Continue reading ...

Saving Energy (and Money) one Web Search at a Time

Millions upon million of web searches happen around the world each and every day. Each and every web search takes a little bit of energy to perform and to display on your screen. Here is a simple way to save energy and money one web search at a time. Let me introduce you to! Continue reading ...