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Why Global Music is Good for Children (and their Parents)

Global Music Is Good For Children

Like all forms of music, global music is good for both mind and spirit. But it has the added the benefit of helping children become more aware of the diversity of the world around them. Is world travel with your kids not in the budget? Why not try bringing the music home?

Dust off that Old Turntable and Play a Vinyl Record Album

Take some time to rummage through your basement one day. If you are over thirty years old, you may come across an old turntable, various stereo components (i.e. a tape deck, amplifier, cd player, equalizer, headphones), and a vinyl record album or two. You will remember all the great music you used to listen to. Don’t just nod nostalgically and walk away – take this stuff (including your vinyl record albums) upstairs and set it up (you know you want to!). You will not be disappointed … Continue┬áreading ...