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Mar 07

The Essential Guide to Happiness and Money for Teens

If you are a teenager, you have the opportunity to make happiness and financial security key aspects of your life. There is a way to make the most of what you have so that you can have more more of what you love. The steps are very simple and don’t cost a thing. Here are nine money tips that can help you: Continue reading ...

Feb 27

5 Ways Saving Money Could Leave You Losing Money

5 Ways Saving Money Could Leave You Losing Money

You have the best of frugal intentions when applying these common money-saving strategies but, in truth, they are actually costing you more. You are led to believe that you are getting a great deal when you really just aren’t.

Retailers use various strategies to make you think you are getting a deal, when it is really them that’s making all the money (at your expense). Continue reading ...

Aug 24

PC Financial Free Online Banking – Not For Everyone

PC Financial offers a no fee bank account that gives you free unlimited daily banking. A great deal for some, but not for me. Continue reading ...

Aug 17

Which Bank Offers No Monthly Maintenance Fees?

Which bank offers no monthly maintenance fees? The answer is, many of them. Here is a simple way to get decent return on your money and eliminate your everyday banking fees at the same time. Continue reading ...

Jul 26

REVIEW Air Miles – Flying Much Lower Than It Used To

Air Miles is a reward program that offer you “Air Miles” when you shop at selected retailers and service providers.  This program used to be a good one, but things have changed for the worse.  It is no longer the program that  it used to be from our perspective here at Continue reading ...