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Oct 01

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These items are always on sale in October.  Wait to buy these popular items in October and you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Continue reading ...

Feb 03

7 Things to Buy on Sale in February

Stuff on Sale in February

Here are seven things that you can buy on sale in February. There is a seasonality to prices for most items. Save money by understanding these patterns. Continue reading ...

Jun 06

Want more money? No Problem … Just Ask

Aski For A Discount and Get One

Everybody wants more money. Getting more money is really quite simple – just ask for it, and use these strategies when you do so. You have nothing to lose, and lots of extra cash to gain. Continue reading ...

Mar 30

Best Low Light House Plants

Which house plants are easy to grow and do best in low light conditions? House plants are a terrific addition to any home. They add life and interest to living spaces, many are low maintenance, and they help to clean your indoor air. The effort to green your home, however, can be a bit more challenging when you have low light conditions. Continue reading ...

Sep 11

Keeping Warm When It’s Cool

Contrary to popular belief, froogalists do enjoy warmth. We do not sit around swaddled in multiple layers of woolen blankets counting our pennies whilst drinking warm water from a tin cup like Ebenezer Scrooge. We just get more for our heating dollar; we do warmer smarter. Why pay more that you have to?

Here is one of the most basic and effective money saving tips out there for keeping warm Continue reading ...