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Feb 03

7 Things to Buy on Sale in February

Stuff on Sale in February

Here are seven things that you can buy on sale in February. There is a seasonality to prices for most items. Save money by understanding these patterns. Continue reading ...

Sep 05

Good Quality Shoes vs. Cheap, Crummy Quality Shoes

The ASICS GT-2170 - A Good Running Shoe

I won’t buy crummy quality shoes. Sure, you may think those flimsy shoes are a bargain at $12.99, but I can assure you that you are wrong. You are being drawn towards the “False Value Trap” and I advise you to run away in whatever shoes you are wearing and to not look back. Don’t let the price sticker blind you to the reality that crummy shoes are something you should never buy (especially if you are a frugal minded shoe shopper). Continue reading ...

Sep 01

What Is Frugal Living?

I find it awkward when someone shows me their new ‘whatever it is’ when I am still happy with my old ‘whatever it is’. I always end up with just saying something like “That’s really something,” or “It looks like you really enjoy your new [insert new product name here].” I am mostly just being polite though (except with the really cool stuff that I really would like to have) Continue reading ...

Aug 30

Make Your Own Customized T-Shirts

You may have recently seen a guy who looks just like me walking around with a snazzy t-shirt on. You weren’t seeing things, it was actually me wearing a snazzy t-shirt. You might now be asking yourself “Who is backing the advertising budget, Carlos Slim Helu? It must have cost him a fortune to get those things made,” or “He’s a phony. He’s not frugal, he’s a Continue reading ...