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Feb 05

The Biggest Problem with eBay and How to Easily Fix It

The Problems with eBay and the Simple Way to Fix Them

eBay is a global ‘garage sale’ that provides buyers and sellers with a huge ‘table’. There is, however, one key problem with this model. Continue reading ...

Mar 29

Target Canada’s Last Days in Pictures

Target Canada will soon be closing its flagship Canadian store in the east end of Toronto. I dropped by today to take a look for myself and it was creepy. Continue reading ...

Jul 14

REVIEW BH Photo Online Retailer Canada

BH Photo and Video is a photo and video equipment store.  Looking for a retailer online for photo and video equipment?  Looking to save money and get more for less?  Looking for great customer service and speedy delivery?  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well … Continue reading ...