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Why Global Music is Good for Children (and their Parents)

Global Music Is Good For Children

Like all forms of music, global music is good for both mind and spirit. But it has the added the benefit of helping children become more aware of the diversity of the world around them. Is world travel with your kids not in the budget? Why not try bringing the music home?

Best Children’s Music – Raffi is the Best!

Raffi is the best-selling children’s musician ever.  He has sold a LOT of records, and his influence is worldwide.  There are a few important reasons why he is so popular and why he should be a part of the CD or MP3 music collection for your children.

Raffi – Singable Songs for the Very… Continue reading ...

Best Albums of All Time – Top Albums Worth Buying

What are the best album values out there?  If you are going to spend money for full albums, which ones present the best value for your buck?  What are the best albums of all time?

I know fully that this is a completely subjective exercise.  Nonetheless, I do have a few favourite albums that are worth the cost in my view.

I am also aware that each album… Continue reading ...