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Apr 18

Best Vegetables to Grow in Light Shade

Best Vegetables to Grow in Light Shade

Do you enjoy growing vegetables? Do you have ‘Light Shade’ areas in your garden? If so, here are some wonderful vegetables you should consider growing. Continue reading ...

Apr 09

Best Flowering Perennials for Shade Gardens

Best Low Light Perennial Plants for a Shady Garden

What are the best flowering perennials for a shade garden? You will be glad to know that there are a lot of wonderful and beautiful options available for the low light garden. Continue reading ...

Jul 20

REVIEW Gardena Hedge Clippers

Gardena Hedge Clippers are the newest addition to my growing collection of garden tools. Read my review here to find out if they are a recommended garden product. Continue reading ...

May 25

REVIEW Best Garden Book

What is the best garden book? If you could only own one garden book, which would be the best?   Here is one suggestion.

Owning only one garden book fits beautifully with froogalism ideology. Why buy and make space for seven books, when one book will do the job? With this being said, I am the first to admit that I am a wholly amateur gardener. An expert gardener may… Continue reading ...

Aug 14

REVIEW The Beauty (or not) of LED Garden Lanterns

I like the look of garden lanterns. They make a pathway visible to visitors and they can highlight borders. This brand of garden lanterns, however, seem to have a critical flaw. Continue reading ...

Aug 01

REVIEW UPDATE Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ Zellers

It is with regret that I have to revise my previous rating for the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ downwards based upon my continued use of this product. I have a rather serious concern – namely that the top heating rack (a feature that I previously liked on the Grill Mate 34000 BTU BBQ) quite frequently falls down when I open the lid. This rack swivels on two holes cut into the lid. Unfortunately, the rack keeps falling out of these holes. As such, I can no longer rate this product as a good buy (three stars). Continue reading ...