Category: Entertainment

Feb 11

REVIEW Netflix Canada

Netflix is currently offering a free one month trial in Canada. I signed up for Netflix a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed using it. It is not perfect, but I feel that Netflix does represent very good value. Continue reading ...

Jul 25

REVIEW Addicting Board Games (For the Bored)

I don’t remember being bored that often as a kid, but I do remember addicting board games.  I am forty years old now.  Board games are both addicting and fun.  Friends and families should play them more often.   They are an excellent value as well because Continue reading ...

Sep 19

Batteries – Get More With Less

I seem to go through a lot of batteries since my baby was born (even sizes like C and D which I had practically forgotten even existed since I got rid of my boom box and gave up break dancing in the eighties).  These are some of the new baby appliances that use batteries: white noise machine (3 AAs), vibrate mode on swing (1 D size battery), swing and music Continue reading ...