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Sep 08

The Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera – Is It A Best Buy?

Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera

Review of the Canon Rebel T3 DSLR Camera. We put the Canon Rebel T3 to the test at Is it a Best Buy? Is it the right camera for you? Read this review and find out. Continue reading ...

Feb 05

Review – 6th Generation Apple Ipod Nano and 1st Generation Ipod Nano Recall

I got my Apple Ipod Nano (6th Generation) for free as a replacement under the 1st Generation Nano recall. I was excited to see what I would get as a replacement. I was initially thrilled when I saw a 6th generation Nano. “A 6th generation Apple Ipod Nano must be at least six times as good as the first generation model”, I thought. Continue reading ...

Jul 17

REVIEW The Kodak C195 Easyshare Digital Camera

Louis Daguerre would be simply astonished at photographic technology today.   I was raised using 35mm SLR cameras.  Today, they are a rarity.   The Kodak C195 Easyshare digital camera offers excellent features and value for your money. It would be a solid purchase for any frugal living household. I bought mine for $70.00 a couple of months ago.  I believe the Kodak C195 is … Continue reading ...

Jul 06

REVIEW: The Apple MacBook – It Sucks (or maybe I just don’t get it)

I am fully aware that MacBook users are both loyal and true to their chosen computer.  I am loyal to some things to;  like Green Giant frozen vegetables and Kraft cheese slices.  In each view, the given product is far superior to anything offered by the competition.  Anyone who doesn’t get it, simply doesn’t get it.   I simply don’t get the MacBook thing.  The MacBook seems to affront every frugal Continue reading ...

Jul 04

REVIEW: The best basic camcorder value out there? Panasonic HDC-SD40

Panasonic HDC-SD40

I love this camcorder! I bought it with the sole purpose of filming my ten month daughter (her first teeth, first steps, first time she says “I love you, Daddy!”) etc, in High-Definition (HD). I am not a professional camcorderist, just a dad who wants some HD video of his daughter growing up.

Here is what I love about it: Continue reading ...