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Feb 03

Best Books About Bullying For Children

Great ‘thinking’ books can help you and your children discuss and understand important topics like bullying. Here are some of the best books about bullying for children. Continue reading ...

Apr 03

REVIEW George and Martha: Complete Stories of Two Best Friends

REVIEW George and Martha: The Complete Stories of Two Best Friends by James Marshall

Find out what George and Martha have to say about the secret of being friends and why this is a wonderful children’s book. Continue reading ...

Apr 11

Best Preschool Books – Dr. Seuss – Hop on Pop

Reading is fun. Teaching reading skills to a preschooler is also fun – especially with Dr. Seuss.  Hop on Pop is a terrific teacher-recommended learning tool by Dr. Seuss.   As the proud and engaged father of a two-and-a-half year old, I have noticed that certain books really appeal to my daughter.  I should also note that I am also a teacher and that reading is a core of each and every… Continue reading ...

May 25

REVIEW Best Garden Book

What is the best garden book? If you could only own one garden book, which would be the best?   Here is one suggestion.

Owning only one garden book fits beautifully with froogalism ideology. Why buy and make space for seven books, when one book will do the job? With this being said, I am the first to admit that I am a wholly amateur gardener. An expert gardener may… Continue reading ...

Mar 24

REVIEW The House Plant Expert

The House Plant Expert(by Dr. D.G. Hessayon) is an excellent beginner book about house plants.  I highly recommend it as an excellent value and a worthy addition to any home library.

REVIEW: The House Plant Expert

I enjoy house plants very much, but live in a home with low… Continue reading ...

Jul 27

REVIEW Frog and Toad Are Still Friends? Amazing! Read About it Here

In what can only be described as the longest amphibian friendship in world history, Frog and Toad are still Friends (at least I’d like to think so).  Frog and Toad are the two main characters of a small series of outstanding children’s books written by Arnold Lobel back in the seventies. Continue reading ...

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