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Jul 20

REVIEW IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

The IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib and Bed

Saving money when you have a child should always come second to safety. Does the IKEA Hensvik Baby Crib fit the bill? Any item only qualifies as a frugal buy if it gives you more for less. With this in mind, I needed to buy a crib for my daughter. As a frugal minded shopper, I wanted firstly, to find the best quality crib that I could afford, and secondly Continue reading ...

Jul 18

REVIEW Safety First High Chair Booster Seat

The Safety First High Chair Booster Seat now commands a prominent place at my dinner table (right beside my chair).  It is an exciting time when your baby’s neck muscles are strong enough to have him or her join you at mealtime.  To all new parents out there, the Safety First High Chair Booster seat has proven itself to be a good purchase for a number of reasons … Continue reading ...

Jul 08

REVIEW Guzzie+Guss (GUGU) 102 Full-Sized Baby Stroller

This is one of the greatest baby bargains out there.  A frugal living must for parents of young ones.  Please read on.   I’ll get to its greatest features in a moment (not the least of which is its unbelievable price).

I spent a lot of time looking at various strollers for my daughter.  Full-size strollers tend to range anywhere from $300 – to around $1000 dollars.   Quite a price Continue reading ...