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Apr 11

Best Preschool Books – Dr. Seuss – Hop on Pop

Reading is fun. Teaching reading skills to a preschooler is also fun – especially with Dr. Seuss.  Hop on Pop is a terrific teacher-recommended learning tool by Dr. Seuss.   As the proud and engaged father of a two-and-a-half year old, I have noticed that certain books really appeal to my daughter.  I should also note that I am also a teacher and that reading is a core of each and every… Continue reading ...

May 05

REVIEW Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

Water quality is a key concern around the world. The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be the best water filter pitcher out there. Here’s why I think so: Continue reading ...

Mar 28

Best Children’s Music – Raffi is the Best!

Raffi is the best-selling children’s musician ever.  He has sold a LOT of records, and his influence is worldwide.  There are a few important reasons why he is so popular and why he should be a part of the CD or MP3 music collection for your children.

Raffi – Singable Songs for the Very… Continue reading ...

Jan 25

REVIEW Best Baby Toys by Mattel (Fisher-Price) – Corn Popper

The Fisher-Price Corn Popper is a classic toddler toy.  I remember using it as a child (some forty years ago) and I remember enjoying it very much.  It consists of a handle that is affixed to an enclosed plastic dome on wheels.  The dome contains several multi-coloured balls inside it.  As you push or pull it, the balls pop up and down and make noise.

Dec 28

REVIEW Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink – A Fail of Obese Proportions

I received a free sample of Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink today. I will never feed this to my daughter. I threw it out after reading the ingredients. Continue reading ...

Oct 22

REVIEW EvenFlo Momentum 65 Infant and Toddler Car Seat

The EvenFlo Momentum 65 infant and toddler car seat is a gem.  If you are looking for quality, versatility, and ease-of-use in an infant and toddler car seat, this is a great choice.

My daughter is now too tall for her Graco Snugfit 35.   I take child car seat selection very seriously.  The government standards are so high for these products, however, that even low priced models can… Continue reading ...