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Aug 22

Frugal Living Is Not The Same As Being Cheap

Frugal Living

Frugal living is often misunderstood. Many people confuse being frugal with being cheap. Let’s try to clarify this once and for all. Continue reading ...

Sep 03

Frugal Living and Baby

This is my first regarding frugal living and babies (my first child is due this weekend).  I am incredibly excited and nervous (see my previous post, Loose Change).   Not a bad nervous; more of a ‘What should I expect?’ nervous.  As such, you will not hear from me for a short while but I promise to be back soon.  Keep checking back and writing comments. Continue reading ...

Sep 01

What Is Frugal Living?

I find it awkward when someone shows me their new ‘whatever it is’ when I am still happy with my old ‘whatever it is’. I always end up with just saying something like “That’s really something,” or “It looks like you really enjoy your new [insert new product name here].” I am mostly just being polite though (except with the really cool stuff that I really would like to have) Continue reading ...

Aug 29

Frugal Fun – Part One

Some people still confuse frugal living with stingy living and/or miserly living. I am not sure how this came about, but I hope that frugalists start taking some action towards changing these perceptions. Stingy and miserly people often go without basic human necessities because they hate to part with their money. Frugal people love things like soft toilet paper and delicious food; they just think about how they can get Continue reading ...

Aug 19

Our first post at froogalism

Welcome to froogalism!

Yes, this post is a long one, but it is our first. Please read it (and post a comment if you’d like) and come back soon to enjoy much shorter posts.

This site is devoted to the art of making the most of what you have.  Maybe it’s a bit pretentious for me to call this an art form, but it is something that each Continue reading ...