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Nov 25

Froogalism – A Global Idea with Worldwide Momentum has been in business for just over a year. Since then, we have reached and influenced every continent on earth. Most of our business comes from Canada and The United States. Germany, The United Kingdom, India, and Russia are close behind. We have had visits from 57 countries. Getting more with less is a global interest (hello Greece, Portugal, Ireland, France, and Italy – read our posts and ideas for ways to improve your circumstances). Continue reading ...

Sep 10

Government Deficits, Debt, Bankruptcy and You!

Governments around the world are facing spiraling deficits and growing debt – even bankruptcy. We are facing a global fiscal crisis that threatens our way of life. What does this mean to you? Continue reading ...

Jul 09

Will and Kate’s Visit to Canada – Who cares? What a royal waste of money

Will and Kate in Canada

Prince William and Princess Kate recently visited Canada.  So what!  From a frugal living perspective, hosting them really seems like a complete and utter waste of taxpayer money.  A royal scandal, in fact.

A recent article by the CBC stated that the costs are expected to be modest compared to the Queen’s visit in the summer of 2010 which cost $2,000,000.   TWO MILLION DOLLARS?  This is the lifetime Continue reading ...