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Aug 25

Top 5 Best Inventions that Make Life Easier

Top 5 Best Inventions That Make Life Easier

The best inventions meet a need most effectively. The very best inventions make our lives easier and give us more time to enjoy other things or work at other stuff. Doing things better so that we have more left over for the stuff we really value is a key frugal living principle. Here are the Top 5 Best Inventions that make our lives easier. Continue reading ...

Feb 20

Froogalism Adds a New Facebook Group – Join, Have Fun, and Save Money

Froogalism has added a new group on Facebook.   Come and join our new Facebook community and get lots of new ideas for saving money and getting more with less (so that you can afford more of the things that you enjoy).

Just log into Facebook and search for under groups.  Our growing number of members await you and your feedback.  Let’s have some fun!

While you’re here… Continue reading ...

Feb 18

Cell Phones and Society – An Inconvenient Truth

Cell Phones and Society

I recently watched a documentary about the Amish.  One theme that came up time and time again was how the Amish decided which, if any, technologies would be permitted into their communities and how a “convenience versus community” standard was used when making such decisions.  To the Amish, family and community come first, above all else (no matter how seemingly inconvenient this may seem).  A new… Continue reading ...

Sep 12

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer in Humans?

A recent report by the World Health Organization states that “The electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Considering the ubiquitous nature of cell phones worldwide, perhaps reading the full body of the report should be of interest to many. Continue reading ...