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Jan 01

Items That Always Go On Sale in January

Items That Always Go On Sale In January

January is a good month to get deals on some items.  Here are the top items that go on sale in January.

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t feel like buying anything new right now.  Christmas can be a huge personal and financial stress for many.  The pressure to get ‘stuff’ can be overwhelming for many people. … Continue reading ...

Oct 01

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These Popular Items Always Go On Sale in October

These items are always on sale in October.  Wait to buy these popular items in October and you’ll save yourself a lot of money. Continue reading ...

Feb 05

The Biggest Problem with eBay and How to Easily Fix It

The Problems with eBay and the Simple Way to Fix Them

eBay is a global ‘garage sale’ that provides buyers and sellers with a huge ‘table’. There is, however, one key problem with this model. Continue reading ...

Apr 04

Incredible Pictures of Target Canada’s Last Day

Today is the last day for Target Canada. Target’s flagship store at Danforth Shoppers World in the east end of Toronto was once its crown jewel. Today it is an utter shambles. Take a look at these incredible pictures. Continue reading ...

Feb 16

7 Unbelievably Expensive and Useless Items on Amazon

Ridiculously Expensive Items On Amazon

There are some ridiculously expensive and useless items available on Amazon. The details of these unbelievable items are highly entertaining. Continue reading ...

Jan 20

Target Canada Closing or How to Fail In Canadian Retail

Empty Shelves at Target Canada

After less than two short years and billions of dollars spent, Target is calling it quits in Canada. How could a former Canadian cross-border shopper darling like Target have gone so wrong so quickly? Continue reading ...