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The Essential Guide to Happiness and Money for Teens

If you are a teenager, you have the opportunity to make happiness and financial security key aspects of your life. There is a way to make the most of what you have so that you can have more more of what you love. The steps are very simple and don’t cost a thing. Here are nine money tips that can help you: Continue reading ...

6 Great Ways to Teach Your Children About Money

Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching your kids money skills does not have to be difficult or complicated. It just requires a bit of common sense and the commitment to make it a part of your daily interaction with your children. Teaching money skills to your children is actually a lot of fun. Here are six easy ways you can teach money skills and have fun while doing it. Continue reading ...

5 Fees Worth Paying

Some Fees Are Worth Paying

Some fees are a not worth paying because they do not offer much value. Other fees are worth paying because they give you a good bang for your buck. Here are five fess that you can feel good about paying from your frugal wallet … Continue reading ...

What’s the Point of Saving Money?

What’s the point of saving money? The whole point of getting more for less, from a froogalist perspective, is so that you have more for the things that matter to you. Continue reading ...

11 Things I WON’T Do to Save Money

Things I Won't Do To Save Money
Things I Won't Do To Save Money

Things I Won’t Do To Save Money

A froogalist has priorities.  Saving money on some stuff enables me to focus on spending on the things that really matter to me the most; namely, my daughter, my family and friends, and my hobbies and interests.  I don’t do without like a miserly Scrooge… Continue reading ...

Shares Selling for Less than what Warren Buffett Paid for Them

Warren Buffet is arguably the most successful investor of all time.  Here are some shares that are currently selling for less than what he paid for them.

The Oracle of Omaha, Mr. Warren Buffett (eating at Dairy Queen)

I love Warren Buffett.  One of the richest men in the world; all… Continue reading ...