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Mar 16

112 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Use Today

112 Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness can really brighten someone’s day. Not only do they make people happy, they make you happy, and they make people want to make other people feel happy. Here are some simple and easy ideas for random acts of kindness you can do today. Continue┬áreading ...

Jan 15

Top 6 Frugal Living Posts at (so far)

Top FIve

Here are my Top Five favourite posts at I discuss everything from frugal living, to entrepreneurship, to being frugal versus being cheap, to education, and even to baldness. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading ...

Apr 11

The Best Things in Life are Free (and often Very Small)

Some of the best free things in life can be represented by the images of really small things. Continue reading ...