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Jan 15

Top 6 Frugal Living Posts at (so far)

Top FIve

Here are my Top Five favourite posts at I discuss everything from frugal living, to entrepreneurship, to being frugal versus being cheap, to education, and even to baldness. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading ...

Sep 15

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Frugal People

Six Habits of Highly Effective Frugal People

Highly effective frugal people have one thing in mind — making the most out of what they have so they can have more of what they love. Their habits develop around this core pleasure principle. Here are six habits of highly effective frugal people that can help you get more of what’s really important to you. Continue reading ...

Aug 22

Frugal Living Is Not The Same As Being Cheap

Being Frugal is Not the same as Being Cheap

Frugal living is often misunderstood. Many people confuse being frugal with being cheap. Let’s try to clarify this once and for all. Continue reading ...

Jun 12

How Frugal Living Benefits Children

How Frugal Living Benefits Children

Children are happy and learn many important things while being raised in a frugal family. There are some key reasons why being raised in a frugal family will help your children to be happy and to grow up to be happy adults.

Why Children are Happy in a Frugal Family Continue reading ...

Aug 09

Spanish Duchess with a Fortune Gives up her Wealth to Marry

Sometimes there are news stories too good to ignore. This one is about a Spanish Duchess, love, and a Spanish fortune. This reminds me in some ways of the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. Both seem to be stories of love over money … Continue reading ...