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Aug 09

REVIEW McDonald’s Burgers – Calories and Other Stuff that Matters

I grew up eating McDonald’s burgers. As a teenager, I didn’t care one whit about calories, fat, sodium, or other stuff. As a forty year-old adult, I do care about this stuff. I have decided it is time to take a close look at McDonald’s combos and what they contain. You might be surprised. Continue reading ...

Jul 23

Gum and Gum Chewing – I Just Don’t Get It

Why do people buy and chew gum? I just don’t get it.  Wrigleys, Excel, Extra, Dentyne, Black Bart, it doesn’t matter what brand; I still don’t get the gum and gum chewing idea.

I remember a time when I did get it.  It was from about the ages of eleven through thirteen.  I used to love chewing gum.  I especially loved Dubble Bubble, Big Red, and Black Bart … Continue reading ...

Aug 29

Frugal Fun – Part One

Some people still confuse frugal living with stingy living and/or miserly living. I am not sure how this came about, but I hope that frugalists start taking some action towards changing these perceptions. Stingy and miserly people often go without basic human necessities because they hate to part with their money. Frugal people love things like soft toilet paper and delicious food; they just think about how they can get Continue reading ...