GoDaddy Domain Registration Review – Is GoDaddy Any Good?

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GoDaddy Domain Registration Review

GoDaddy Domain Registration

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GoDaddy is a company that offers internet domain registrations and web hosting services.  It is one of the biggest and best known web services companies out there.  Godaddy is big, but is it a good domain registration company?  Let’s take a look at the basic features, the extras, ease of use, pricing, and overall value of GoDaddy as a domain registrar.


You get a few basic features included when you register a domain name with GoDaddy.  These features are not exclusive to GoDaddy, however, and I have yet to discover a domain registrar that does not offer these same features for free.  Let’s take a look at a couple key ones:

Auto Renew Yes, you can set up auto renew to make sure that your domain never expires and to make sure that GoDaddy gets your money on a regular basis without having to ask you for it.

Domain Lock This allows you to ‘lock’ you domain which helps prevent any unauthorized changes to it.

Nameservers You can set where your domain points based on whether you are parking, forwarding, or hosting your domain with GoDaddy or with another registrar.

These are the key basic domain registration features that are offered by GoDaddy.  In my experience, all domain registrars seem to offer these same important basics so they are not exclusive to GoDaddy.

Private Domain Registration?

Your contact information normally becomes public when you register a domain name.  This information can be found by doing an online WhoIs search.  Not everyone may want their name and home or business address publicly linked to their domain name, however.  GoDaddy will protect your privacy for a fee.

Basically GoDaddy will point any web search for the public WhoIs information for your website to a proxy server. In the case of GoDaddy, they use as their proxy.  Once your domain name is registered with private registration, any WhoIs search now lists DomainsByProxy as the contact and your private information remains private.  This is useful for preventing spam and for just otherwise keeping your private information private.  This privacy does not come cheap though.

GoDaddy offers privacy at the regular price of $9.99 per year.  Yes, this is an annual fee that is in addition to your domain registration fee which is also normally $15.99 per year for a .com domain.  This is a substantial cost that must be considered when doing business with GoDaddy.

The ‘Stickiness’ of Domain Registrars and GoDaddy

In marketing terms, ‘stickiness’ refers to the hassle factor of changing companies.  Companies love to be ‘sticky’ because it means that their customers are likely to stay with them because they don’t want to go through the hassle of moving over to another company.

Banks are a classic example of ‘sticky’ companies.  Once automatic payroll deposits and pre-authorized payments have been established, it is a royal pain to switch banks or even accounts within the same bank.  This is a significant business advantage over ‘non-sticky’ companies or companies within the same industry that are less ‘sticky’.

GoDaddy is quite ‘sticky’.  Transferring to another domain registrar requires a fair number of steps and it is very time-intensive.  Finding out how to actually transfer to another registrar is also quite a challenge.  Once all of the required steps have been completed, the transfer does happen, but it takes a fair bit of work and time.  This makes GoDaddy relatively ‘sticky’.

Ease of Use

Once you have registered a domain name with GoDaddy, it is fairly easy to figure how to navigate their control panel.  It has a neat layout that makes it easy to do bulk actions and to utilize all of the basic features.  The help pages are also normally helpful.

As I mentioned above, however, leaving GoDaddy to go to another domain registrar is not particularly easy and it involves quite a few steps and a fair bit of time.


The pricing policy at GoDaddy drives me nuts.  While it is great that they offer so many coupon codes and discounts, the fact that they always seem to be available kind of makes ‘regular’ pricing irrelevant.  GoDaddy seems to be one of theose companies that is in perpetual ‘on sale’ mode.

In my view, any company that is compelled to have a continuous sale should really take a good look at their ‘regular’ prices in the first place.  I am not stupid. I know that that their current price is not a ‘sale’ price but actually their current regular price. I also know that you always have sales and that this is your regular pricing model.  Just give me fair and reasonable everyday pricing and save me the endless emails and promotions.  It gets to be a bit much after a while.

About Domain Renewals at GoDaddy

I recently transferred some of my domains from GoDaddy to  The reason revolved around renewals pricing.

It seems that most domain registrars are great at getting people to register new domain names with them by offering endless initial domain registration discounts.  My guess is that they make a lot of their money through renewals because of the hassles associated with switching.  In my case, switching my domain registrar was well worth the effort.

GoDaddy initially wanted to charge me $14.99 to renew my .com domains for one year.  They also wanted to charge me an additional $9.99 per domain for domain privacy. offered to transfer my domains to them, renew registration for one year, and offer free privacy for $8.25 per domain!  

I contacted the GoDaddy marketing team and asked if they could match this price.  The answer was “no”.  I have since transferred my domains to and have saved myself a bundle of money in the process.

GoDaddy has since stepped up their email campaign and is offering me deals every day and messages about ‘ how sad they are to see me go’.  Poppycock!  In my opinion, GoDaddy was relying on the hassle factor of transferring to another registrar instead of offering me fair and competitive pricing when I gave them the opportunity.  I do not like businesses that operate in this manner.  Up front pricing that is fair and competitive will bring me back time and time again.  I am very satisfied with my web hosting service, for example.

Value Summary

GoDaddy is very competitive at the initial pricing of domain name registrations.  They offer coupon codes and other discounts on a regular and consistent basis and some good deals can be found.  Their control panel is well-designed and easy to use.

Domain renewals are expensive with GoDaddy.  The one year pricing honeymoon abruptly ends when it comes time to renew your domain name(s) and their marketing department does not seem too eager to price match their competitors.   Their privacy protection is pricey and needs to be renewed each year along with your domain name.

Overall, the quality their domain registration service is very good but also very expensive.  In my opinion, you do not need to pay a premium price for such a basic service and when there is so much competition in the marketplace.  GoDaddy domain registration earns two out of five stars (“marginal” value) at

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