REVIEW Oral B 4000 SmartSeries Professional Care Electric ToothBrush

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Oral B 4000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush Review

The Oral B 4000 is part of the Professional Care line by Braun.  Here we review the features, quality, and value of the Oral B 4000.  Is it a recommended product according to froogalism standards?  Read on to find out.

Oral-B 4000 ProfessionalCare SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B 4000 ProfessionalCare SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

Being frugal does not mean being cheap.  At our belief is that being frugal means getting more for less so that you have more left over for the stuff that you really enjoy.  It is saving money with a purpose and goal in mind – “Froogalism”.

Oral hygiene is one area where being cheap could have painful consequences.  Being frugal, on the other hand means recognizing that good oral hygiene should be a top priority and that spending money on quality care makes sense (both in the short- and long-terms).  Does the Oral B 4000 meet the froogalism standard?  Let’s take a look.

Features of the Oral B 4000

There is a large range of features on the Oral B 4000 (you can view my source document on the Oral B website).  I’ll review some of key features in turn based upon my personal experience:

Cleaning Action

The Oral B 4000 apparently provides 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations per minute.  That sure sounds like a lot of pulsations and oscillations.  Quite frankly, however, I don’t know if that is a lot or not and I really don’t care.

What matters to me is whether or not it cleans effectively. What I can say from my experience is that my teeth ‘feel’ cleaner than when I use a manual brush or when I used to use the Oral B Vitality (my previous electric toothbrush before this one).  It is actually as close to the ‘just home from the dentist’ feeling in my mouth that I have ever experience in all my years of brushing.

The other thing that I can say is that my dental hygienist has told me that visits every nine months would be fine for me because my teeth have very little plaque built up.  My gums are also in good shape as well, she tells me. While I have always been fortunate to have good teeth and gums, and I certainly cannot attribute how much of it has been due to genes and good oral hygiene, the Oral B 4000 feels like it is really doing a superior cleaning job that any other brush that I have used.

Professional Timer

My dental hygienist tells me that most people do not brush long enough.  She says about two minutes is optimal and that if you are brushing less than two minutes you are probably not getting your teeth clean enough. Brushing too long is also not a good thing because it can irritate your gums and cause excessive wear on your enamel.

The Oral B 4000 has a built in timer that lets you know when your two minutes is up by vibrating a bit differently while you are brushing.  This is a simple but handy feature that lets you brush for the optimal amount of time.

Pressure Sensor 

This is another simple feature of the Oral B 4000 that I think is really great. Basically, the toothbrush stops pulsating if you are brushing too hard.  Brushing too hard can damage your gums and wear down your enamel.

My dentist actually pointed out an area in my mouth where he thought I might be brushing too hard because there was some gum recession.  Since using the Oral B 4000, the gum recession has stopped.  I’m not sure if this is because I am being more gentle when brushing that area now that I am aware of it, or because of this neat little built in feature of the Oral B 4000.  In any case, even if it is a combination of the two factors, my gums are healthier.

Multiple Brushing Modes

The Oral B 4000 has four different brushing modes built in: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, and Deep Clean. Each of the modes brushes your teeth and gums differently to achieve the desired effect.  I use the Daily Clean almost exclusively, but will use the occasional Whitening or Deep Clean setting (maybe one brushing per week or so).  You can really feel the difference between these different modes and I feel that this is a useful feature.

These are the most useful features in my opinion.  There are also a few other features of the Oral B 4000 including: multiple attachment brush heads (e.g. floss action, sensitive, etc.), a base holder, a travel case, and a battery level timer.

Quality of the Oral B 4000

The quality of the Oral B 4000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush is excellent.  I have not had any problems whatsoever with it.  It feels very solid and it has a nice ‘good quality’ weight to it.  The controls are firm and feel like they have been pieced together very well.   The finish is excellent.

Some Things I Don’t Like About the Oral B 4000

There are a couple of things that make the Oral B 4000 a less than stellar product.

Brush Head Replacement 

The replacement brush heads are very expensive.  Oral B recommends changing the brush heads every three months or so (the bristles have a built in indicator that help you know when it’s time to replace).  In Canada, the regular cost of a package of replacement heads is around $30.00 or about $10.00 per brush head.  This seems very expensive to me (at least relative to a regular manual toothbrush).  By far, the best place to get replacement heads is through Amazon.  You can normally get them for around half this price (even with shipping, you still save a lot here).


I Bought my Oral B 4000 online and anticipated getting a rebate that Oral B was offering on the purchase of a new electric toothbrush.  I eagerly completed my rebate coupon and cut out the UPC as requested.  I mailed it off and waited for my $20.00 rebate to arrive.

I received a reply letter a couple of weeks later.  I expected to open it and see a cheque; what I did see was a rejection letter.  The receipt that I sent in was not a ‘store issued’ receipt according to Oral B.  They refused my rebate.

Now maybe I’m wrong, but I think a lot of people order things online.  How many of these claims did Oral B reject?  I felt like their offer was misleading and I felt a bit duped.  They should have stated very clearly that online purchases were not eligible for a rebate and that the rebate required a ‘store issued’ receipt.  This may seem minor, I know, but I felt strongly enough about it to write about it here.  Rejecting my rebate claim seemed like poor business practice to me.

The Oral B 4000 vs. Oral B 5000

Oral B also makes the ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide electric toothbrush.  The only differences that I know of between the 4000 and the 5000 models are as follows:

Oral B 5000 has SmartGuide

From what I can tell, SmartGuide is a little wireless digital display that gives you information on what the brush is doing (i.e. brushing mode, elapsed time, etc.).

Massage Mode

The Oral B 5000 offers an additional Massage Mode.

Personally, I didn’t perceive any real additional value from these features.  The extra cost just of the Oral B 5000 model just didn’t seem worth it.  Here is a link to Oral B for more information about the 5000.

Value of the Oral B 4000

The Oral B 4000 SmartSeries Professional Care electric toothbrush has a lot going for it.  Many of the features that it has are actually beneficial and add value to the product, unlike the so many ‘filler’ features that are actually useless on so many products.  This toothbrush is very well made and reflects the level of quality you would expect in a “Professional Care” product line.

The two issues that diminish the Oral B 4000’s value in my frugal-minded view are the high cost of replacement brush heads and the fact that they rejected my rebate offer submission.  These are not minor issues.

In summary, the Oral B 4000 SmartSeries Professional Care Electric ToothBrush get 4 out of 5 stars at  Overall, it represents very good (but not excellent) value for the frugal minded shopper who cares about oral hygiene.  MORE about health and beauty HERE!

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    • Ted on April 17, 2014 at 3:02 am

    This would be my first choice if I would be shopping for Oral B toothbrush (I won’ t because I have recently bought Philips Sonicare brush). Also the new 7000 model looks interesting, especially this new Bluetooth feature.

    • Jason on July 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Ted, Thanks for taking the time to comment. What is it that makes the Philips Sonicare your brush of choice? I have heard that is is also an excellent brush, but would like to learn more.

    Cheers, Jason @

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