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REVIEW Duro-Shed Carriage House

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Duro-Shed installed a carriage house storage shed in my backyard about four years ago.  I was looking for something that I could store things in, as well as a place that could be used as an outdoor workshop area.  After extensive research, I decided to go with Duro-Shed to build my carriage house.

Here are a few of my thoughts after four years of ownership:

My Duro-Shed Carriage House Storage Shed

My Duro-Shed Carriage House Storage Shed

Why did I pick Duro-Shed to Build my Carriage House?

Duro-Shed makes wooden framed pre-fabricated storage sheds that are assembled for you by them on your property (you can also assemble them yourself if you choose to.  They are more expensive than the pre-made plastic storage sheds that you can buy at places like  Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowes, Home Hardware, and Rona, etc.  You can get lots of different types of these plastic sheds for under $1000.  The Duro-Shed carriage house that I purchased cost me around $3000 (inclusive   of the optional features that I added and taxes, etc.)  What is a froogalist doing paying $3000 for a carriage house, you might ask?

Well, remember that ‘froogalism’ means getting good value for your money so that you have more money left over    to spend on the stuff that really matters to you.  Being frugal is not the same as being cheap.  A frugal-minded person has purpose and goals.

It’s Made of Wood

With that being said, I don’t generally like the quality of most plastic stuff.  It eventually cracks and fades and chips.  For all intents and purposes, plastic is also unfixable.  Wooden panels and studs can be removed and replaced.  Wood can also be repainted.  You can put nails and screws into wood.  It also smells good.  In short, wood is the superior building material for storage sheds.

Duro-Shed Has a Great Reputation

There are two main sources that I use to research any contractors that I might need:

The first place I look is Mike Holmes’ website for great tips and ideas and his contractor listing for the names of contractors the he has selected to appear on his shows.  Duro-Shed is the only storage shed supplier that is listed by him (you can check out a Holmes on Homes video clip below featuring Mike Holmes and Steve Bull).

The second place I look is Homestars.  This website is a place where contractors can list their companies and customers who have used their services can comment on their work.  The comments for Duro-Shed have been and continue to be are excellent.

I use these two resources a great deal and have a great deal of confidence in both of them when lining up contractors to come and visit with me and give me quotes.  This is what led me to Duro-Shed.

Four Years Later – How is my Carriage House Holding Up?

For almost four years, my Duro-Shed carriage house has looked beautiful and stood up very nicely to the elements and to almost daily use.  The quality of the workmanship is obvious, and I have received compliments about how nice my storage shed looks from virtually everyone who has ever seen it.  After four years, it looks almost as new (see for yourself in the photo above).

Eeeek!  A Leak in my Roof …

Yes, my carriage house developed a small leak in the roof over the past couple of weeks.

Duro-Shed Comes to the Rescue and Demonstrates Outstanding Customer Service

I emailed Duro-Shed yesterday after trying to unsuccessfully patch the leak myself a few days ago with some roofing cement.  There was no apparent damage to the roof and I was perplexed.  I received an email response from Steve Bull at Duro-Shed within a couple of hours.  He said that he would have someone come out this week to fix it.  I didn’t hear a single mention about the shed being four years old, or the ‘we’ll get back to you’ but never do, response.

Steve came out the very next day (today).   He said that one of the shingles had a tear in it but that he wasn’t sure if he did it or if it was already there.  The rest of the roof looked fine.  He then offered to remove quite a number of shingles and to replace them with new ones.  He even doubled up some of the shingles where the leak had occurred.  I was impressed with his care and thoroughness.

A bit later, Steve knocked at my door.  I got that pit in the stomach feeling that you get just before the car mechanic opens his mouth after looking at your car, or after the dentist has a good look around your mouth after your cleaning.  It seems sometimes that everyone is reaching for your wallet.  I opened the door hesitantly.  “That should do it”, Steve says.  “I doubled up shingles in the spot with the leak and it should be fine.”  I stood there waiting for the ‘bad’ news.  Before the ‘bad’ news came, however, Steve was already headed for his truck.  “Thanks, Steve”, I said.  “No problem, that’s what I’m here for”, he replied, as she shut his truck door and drove off.

I stood there for a moment, dumbfounded.  Did Steve from Duro-Shed just come and fix my four year old carriage house roof without expecting payment?  Did Duro-Shed just exceed the customer service standards of just about any company I have dealt with in many years?  Did the same company stand by its product without any questions or hassle whatsoever?  The answer is yes.


I am very happy to have chosen Duro-Shed to build by carriage house storage shed.  Duro-Shed offers an excellent product which represents great value.  The willingness, in fact eagerness, of Duro-Shed to stand by its products (even after four years) is a rare thing indeed.  I am impressed.  You can visit the Duro-Shed website here  or call them at 1-877-811-SHED for more information.

Duro-Shed has earned a coveted Five Star rating from froogalism.com

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