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Best Stuff You Can Always Buy On Sale

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Always buy this stuff on sale. This stuff is always seems to be on a six- to eight-week rotation of being in sale. It is also easy to store and has a long shelf life.  A froogalism idea worth acting upon.

I peruse my weekly flyers religiously. I look for the best prices on items and stock up on them if it makes sense to do so. After years of doing this, I have noticed that there is some stuff that seems to go on sale regularly.  I use the regular sales on this stuff as an opportunity to save (Big Time!).

What stuff always goes on sale?

1) Coffee

I drink Maxwell House coffee. It is one item that you can consistently buy on sale. Sales on Maxwell House coffee seem to work on aneight week cycle. You can pay full price ($12.00 – $14.00 per 925g container) or buy the same container for less than half price (on average $5.00 – $7.00) if you can wait for the sale that seems to occur every other month.

Maxwell House Coffee

The beauty of buying coffee on sale is that you can normally buy it for less than half price and that coffee (i.e. Maxwell House) has a shelf-life of about a year. You can stockpile coffee when it is on sale for use in future months. I normally have two to three tins of Maxwell House coffee on hand in my basement at any given time

2) Cheese

Cheese always goes on sale. The sale frequency for cheese seems even more frequent that it is for coffee. Cheese seems to go on sale about every five to six weeks.

Cracker Barrel Cheese

The cheese brands I am talking about here are Cracker Barrel and Black Diamond (the 500g gram Family Size bars). Cracker Barrel and Black Diamond regularly offer on sale the staple brands of cheese: cheddar (mild, medium, and old), marble, and mozzerella. These cheese bars have a shelf life of about six to nine months while sealed. You can extend open package life by wrapping the bars in tinfoil. These cheese bars are another item that you should always purchase on sale (and stock a two-month supply of).

3) TIDE Laundry Detergent

I love TIDE laundry detergent (read my review HERE).  The thing with TIDE is that it is simply the best.  It cleans wonderfully and keeps clothes looking fresh.

TIDE Coldwater HE Laundry Detergent

I use TIDE Coldwater HE laundry detergent to clean everything and it does an incredibly good job.  The beauty here is that TIDE laundry detergent always goes on sale.  Like coffee, TIDE laundry detergent seems to go on sale every two months or so.  Oftentimes, the sale is at 50% or more off.  These sales are available at any major department store.  Combine this with a coupon or two, and you are getting the best laundry detergent available at the lowest possible price.  Buy two or three containers (depending on your usage levels) while thay are on sale in order to lock in your savings.


Good stuff goes on sale regularly.  Focus on the patterns of these sales, stock up when they are on sale, and use the money you save to spend (or save) for the things that you love more than coffee,  cheese, and laundry detergent.  Save money on the staples, so that you have more for the non-staples that you love the most.  Many items follow a very predictable pattern about when they are on sale.  Stock up on this stuff when it is on sale so that you always have it (and that you have purchased it at a dirt-bottom price).   This is a key froogalism.com principle.

Have you discovered any other sales patterns for products?  If so what are they?  Please leave a comment below.  

Thanks for dropping by.  Please check back soon.

Author: Jason Milburn Google

Frugal dad – focusing my money and energy towards happiness and the things that matter most since around 1985.

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  1. Jim Nicol

    a great Toronto flyer site is:
    a person can bring up on their screen grocery store flyers only if they choose.

  2. Jason

    Thanks, Jim. I use that site regularly and agree that it is great. Thanks for sharing.

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