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REVIEW Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher

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Water quality is a key concern around the world.  The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be the best water filter pitcher out there.  Here’s why I think so:


1) It removes (almost all) lead from drinking water

The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher – A Best Buy

Lead is pretty nasty.  The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states this: ” … Exposure to lead can have a wide range of effects on a child’s development and behavior. Even when exposed to small amounts of lead levels, children may appear inattentive, hyperactive and irritable. Children with greater lead levels may also have problems with learning and reading, delayed growth and hearing loss. At high levels, lead can cause permanent brain damage and even death … ” Scary stuff.  Read the link HERE

As the father of a very young daughter I, of course, had my municipal water supply tested for lead.  The results showed that my tap water had lead concentrations of 8 ppb versus the  maximum acceptable limit of 10 ppb.  As such, I was presented with installing an under the counter filter (very expensive to install), versus a water pitcher (far less expensive, yet equally effective).   The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher was tested by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures in 2006 and determined it to reduce lead levels by almost 98% as claimed by Seychelle.
This was very reassuring to me as a father of a very young child.

2)  It dramatically reduces mercury levels in drinking water

You know the old saying ‘mad as a hatter’?  Well mercury was often used to make top hats shiny, and many hatters went mad.  The March of Dimes has this to say about mercury exposure:

“Mercury can damage many parts of the body, including the nervous system, the lungs, the kidneys, vision, and hearing. The seriousness of the risk depends upon how much mercury a person is exposed to. The risk is greater for fetuses and children than for adults.

Babies who are exposed to mercury while in the womb can suffer severe damage to the nervous system and may die. They may have brain damage, learning disabilities and hearing loss”.

The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher apparently reduces mercury levels in drinking water by 98%.  Yet another important reason to consider the Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher.

3)  It is BPA Free.  No BPAs in your drinking water

The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher is also BPA free.

4)  It also removes lots of other bad stuff from your drinking water

The Seychelle filter also removes chlorine, chemicals (VOCs), heavy metals and Radon 222.  Read more information and reviews here.

5) The Seychelle filtered drinking water tastes amazing

Seychelle filtered water tastes softer than tap water and it has a very clean and refreshing taste.  My cat loves it, and so do I.  You can actually taste a real difference.  It tastes like water should taste.

In summary, the Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher removes most of what I want removed from my drinking water to a degree much higher than the competition.  As the father of a very young child, lead and mercury are first and foremost in my mind (although there are many more nasty additions to our drinking water that are also a concern).  The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher seems to be very effective at filtering out most of these nasties to a very significant degree.  It costs more than a Brita Water Filter Pitcher, but it seems that the price is worth it.  The Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher represents excellent value based upon what it does (relative to an under the counter model) because it does the same job at significantly less cost.  The water also tastes excellent.

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  1. kitty foster

    I don’t go anyhere without my seychelle pitcher,it goes in my luggage if I need the space I pack my clean undies inside it.to. spend time anywhere I take my shower filter with me.

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