Apr 11

The Best Things in Life are Free (and often Very Small)

Some of the best free things in life can be represented by the images of really small things.  As people, the size of our universe and its wonders are simply beyond our understanding of ‘big’.  They are hypothetical, and exist only in our imagination (due to the current limits of our technology and our lifespans).  The beauty of the ‘small’ universe is that it is just as amazing and awe-inspiring as the ‘big’ universe.  It is something that we can readily see here and now.

I am, by no means, a professional, or even a “middling’, photographer.  I just simply know what I like.  While I realise that this is a decidedly self-indulgent thing to do, I just wanted to share; for the sake of sharing my wonder at the beauty of small things.  It is good to take joy in the ‘small’ things, as these are readily available to all of us.  It doesn’t matter where you live, or how much money you make, or how happy or sad you are, or even if you are big or small you are – our tiny planet is filled with wonder.

Here are a couple of images that I want to share:

1)  Liken’ the Lichen

Liken' the Lichen

I am not completely sure why I like this picture so much.

I think I love the way that the lichen has taken hold on the foreign landscape of the tree bark.  It has taken hold and flourished (though it seems to have had some difficulties along the way), despite that it is growing in a ‘foreign’ environment.

Lichen even grows on rocks.  It is a highly adaptable thing.  Look at the way it takes over this bark like a magnificent crown of mightily determined broccoli (each tiny lichenette its own living and breathing organism).   Quite amazing how much life is going on here (especially on such a small, yet large, scale).


2) Rock, you Totally Rock

Boy, oh boy, rock, you must be millions of years old.

Rock, oh rock, you are incredibly old (are you cracking a smile?)

Talk about stories you could tell?    My goodness, where would you ever start?  Millions of years ago when life was taking form?, A few tens of thousand years ago (when people came around)?, or yesterday when Justin Beiber arrived on the scene.  Not sure, igneous rock, but you sure are amazing.  Look at the ingrained textures, still intact, imprinted upon you from millions of years of experience.  Look at how this texture has been weathered over the centuries.  Contemplate how you picture has been taken with a digital camera and posted for the entire planted of humans to see you now in your weathered and gorgeous state.  Rock, you are an amazing thing to behold.  Keep up the good work (maybe your gentle smirk will widen into a full smile in a billion years or so).


3) Detail of my old house

You are close family to a cluster of outside bricks with some cracking paint on top of you.  If you weren’t so interesting, I might just decide to scrape you off and repaint.

You are an under-appreciated brick and I love your tenacity

The thing is though, is that you are quite a rebel (and I respect your point of view).  You have decided ‘living under a coat of paint is not for me’ ; you have risen up against the oppression of a layer of oil based coating suppressing your dreams; you have pushed forth in your full brick’ish’ splendour and have claimed a ‘your-coloured’ position upon the wall.  I admire your tenacity, brick.

Yes, my post is meant to be amusing and tongue-in-cheek (at least to some degree).  The point is though, is that I believe that there is some degree of truth in what I am saying.  There really and truly is wonder in all things around us.  We do not need to be astronauts to experience wonder.  It is everywhere around us and it is free.  We only need to take the time to stop and look, and let our inner child take over.  Find joy in the here and the now.

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